Kid Toys AI intelligent companion robot with LED Eyes English learning Interactive dialog leave messageKid Toys

Product Description
CPU: Allwinner XR871 FreeRTOS + DuerOS
Memory:64 RAM
Size: 160*130*260mm

-Voicemail button
-Voice dialogue button
-Home Button
-Last/Vol- button
-Next&Vol+ button
-WIFI config Button(Long press) / Translate (Short press)
-Pause&Play/Lighting ON&OFF

Battery: 1000MAH
LED: lighting on ear &hook Green
Usage Time : About 3 hours as normal playing

The core function

WiFi Network Connection AI Robot connects with gurobot APP & Intel Voice protocal software,we need to config it with local wifi and password for connection,also need to pair with 5 characters Identify numbers from Robot.
MP3 player Support online or local MP3 contents. Support voice command for playing,loop playback,Manual set up last or next songs.
Content category Lots of content inside gurobot app,including 3 categories:Story,Kids Music,Classic
APP voice talk Parents can voicemail with robot from far distance to make contact with kids at home.
Voice control Support voice control specific musics, Weather, Math,Geography, people etc.
KaraOk Connect with Microphone, can learn to sing songs together. Enjoy the Karaok.
Ask &Answer Questions After long press the Voice button, you can ask any questions to the robot, robot will answer your questions after release the voice button.


Power cable:1
PE bag:1
User Manual:1

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